Future Wave Film Festival May 6th - 10th 2015, Dublin

Congratulations to our 2015 Future Wave Film Festival Winners.

Best Short Film

Title: Model Life
Dir: Tom Reynolds
Model Life is a Drama/Comedy about a young man who has turned his back on the real world in favour of the model one he’s created.

Best Documentary

Title: Out of Character
Production Team: Steve Mckenna, James Fagan, Shane Stokes, Ciaran Garofalo & Seyi Akintunde
Out of Character tells the story of the ever-growing number of young people who Cosplay in Ireland, dressing up as their favourite Anime, game & comic characters.

Out of Character (G3 Major 12_13) from cdfemedia on Vimeo.

Best Experimental/Animation

Title: Malum
Dir: Skye Sozan Alanazi
The film concerns itself with a man’s struggle with grief and redemption. Set against the beautiful backdrop of a timeless Church we follow the main character; a man in his late 50’s. We follow his physical struggle to reach the altar from the bottom of the Church signifying his lifelong struggle with spirituality and sin.