Future Wave Film Festival May 6th - 10th 2015, Dublin

About St. Kevin's College

St. Kevin’s College is a post-leaving certificate college in South Dublin, which has been providing media courses since 1985, validated by both the FETAC and BTEC awarding bodies. We were the first college in Ireland to deliver the BTEC Higher National Diploma and continue to push our students to higher levels of achievement. Our strong emphasis on practical media attracts students from all over Ireland and the world, and we have links with many universities and colleges – both here and abroad. Many 3rd level institutions are so enamored with our graduates that they are exempted in to second or even third year of their degree programs.


The Future WaveFilm Festival is committed to providing the media industry and general public with an annual showcase of the excellent film and visual work created by students in PLC Colleges throughout Ireland. We are firmly focused on developing our audiences both nationally and internationally, and are committed to producing a world class festival event, as well as developing our international reputation and standing.


The Importance & Value of Film

TheFuture WaveFilm Festival is committed to promoting and expanding the idea of cinema as a means of artistic expression and of cultural education no matter what the educational background or level of the student.

Film is arguably the most vital art form today, a combination of art, entertainment and commerce. It is both the most complex and the most widely explored art form.

Artistic Excellence

The Future WaveFilm Festival is committed to excellence in programming, audience development, technical production and professional arts practice amongst Ireland's student population.

Commitment to Audiences

The festival is passionately committed to developing its relationship with its audiences, both Irish and international. The role which film plays in Ireland is essential to the country and its cultural growth. The festival is engaged in an ongoing conversation with the communities of its environment, cultivating their interest and enhancing their experience.

Education of Audiences

The festival seeks to use the unique status of the event, to educate Irish audiences and enrich their knowledge and understanding of cinema from around the world.

Developing an International Profile

The festival is well positioned to develop both its reputation as a national event, and internationally in the coming years, as well as enhance the profile of Irish films and filmmakers which are included in its programme. These twin objectives are mutually beneficial; the festival aspires to bring its programme to the widest possible audiences, while assisting the number of Irish titles to greater international exhibition. We can develop our profile through a number of initiatives; such as developing our industry contacts though attending other festivals and conferences, sharing programmes / endorsing Irish titles with other film festivals.

Commitment to Diversity

We feel that through the education sector there is an opportunity for greater inclusion of cultural cinema in the country. It is the festival's policy to bring increased awareness and understanding of the culturally rich film, to our audiences.

Artistic Plans

The Future WaveFilm Festival is committed to improving the national and international reputation and standing of the Festival and are dedicated in becoming one of the best student film festivals and gain a reputation for quality and exposure in Europe. Alongside the unique Dublin audience experience which are guests experience we are looking for further develop the standing of our Awards.The Future WaveFilm Festival is also committed to building our partnerships with other World Cinema Festivals.